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enaible is AI-powered Leadership. We enable you to become the best you can be, then better. We serve enterprise companies who are searching for a fresh way to drive their employees’ productivity. Our customers depend on our AI to help their teams get radically more done by reimagining how things should get done.

The enaible Score measures productivity at the company, division, department and team level. Our proprietary Trigger-Task-Time™ algorithm normalizes across job roles and responsibilities so that leaders understand at-a-glance how their workforce is performing. The enaible Score also produces leadership recommendations so leaders can help employees reach and exceed their performance goals. Our AI runs on system data you already have, so you can empower the leaders hidden in your organization today.

enaible was founded in 2018 by leadership expert Dr. Tommy Weir. The company is based in Boston and works with multinational companies and leading governments all over the world.


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As coronavirus disrupts daily life, how AI can help manage remote workers

Kristen Nicole and Cheryl Knight – March 19th, 2020


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Dr. Tommy Weir

Founder & CEO

Dr. Tommy Weir is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur dedicated to helping enterprises achieve market-defying results through advanced leadership science.

Combining his 20 years’ experience in CEO coaching and cutting-edge leadership research with data science methodologies, Dr. Tommy Weir now focuses on applying AI to leadership as CEO and co-founder of enaible Inc., which brings AI-powered leadership to companies who are searching for a better way to drive their employees’ productivity. Through enaible, Dr. Weir has built the world’s first Leadership AI Lab.

In addition to his work at enaible, Dr. Weir is a visiting scientist at MIT and prolific author. He holds a doctorate in strategic leadership from Regent University.

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Mischa Zielke

Co-Founder & COO

As co-founder of enaible – an AI-Powered Leadership Tech company based in Boston, Mischa spearheads the company’s efforts to unlock the human and organizational potential by driving productivity and employee well-being through enaible's AI-led solutions.

Before founding enaible, Mischa was a partner at McKinsey & Company, where he spent 15 years working alongside global leaders to improve organizational and individual performance through talent-led transformations. 

Mischa is intrigued by and driven to unlock peak performance and flow in both the individual as well as the collective.

Jeet shangari headshot

Jeet Shangari


As CTO of enaible, Jeet Shangari drives the tech agenda of the company, from the strategic vision all the way to the operational realization and efficiency. He ensures enaible’s data lake and products are designed and architected with security first, and at scale.

Jeet has received several awards over the years, including the "Think Big Award" in 2018 at Amazon.

Mustafa s. eisa headshot

Mustafa S. Eisa

Data Scientist

Mustafa is a data scientist with a deep interest in statistical learning, computational mathematics, and various applications. He has studied several branches of applied mathematics at Berkeley and the University of Chicago—where he had the honor of publishing his master's thesis with Lars Hanson, the 2013 Nobel Laureate in economics and finance. 

He serves as a data scientist at enaible.

Hans headshot

Hans Schreuder


Hans Schreuder is a seasoned investment banker and strategic advisor focused on telecoms, digital and new media sectors. He is also a passionate angel investor who has enjoyed notable success in recognising opportunities in emerging market technologies.

Ahmed headshot

Ahmed Bakhaty

PhD, Data Scientist

Pic joseph crotone

Joseph Crotone

VP of Sales

Joe serves as VP of Sales at enaible. With over a decade of experience in the information technology and services industry, he is a dedicated leader in the space and believes in a world where AI helps teams get radically more done.